leaps of faith

It has been a whirlwind. I came back to Manila with the sole purpose of just getting my life started again. I am the kind of person where my work is my life. I have nothing against people whose work doesn't define them but I'm just not that kind of person. I love it that…Read more leaps of faith

settling dust

So things didn't go as planned. As I write these words, I'm starting to think I may have blogged about this a few days before. I think I mentioned it in my entry about cutting my hair. Anyway, things have begun to unfold and I'm feeling more hopeful about how things are going to come…Read more settling dust

Clubbing versus the “real” world (And the real world is winning)

It’s all strobe lights and hard bodies Writhing to the beat; neon angels smoking Drinking, flirting, drinking, sinking Deeper and deeper into the loudest version Of nowhere and ‘let’s do it again.’ We pushed the outside world away While building our network of fellow lost souls. Our fortress of solitude but not alone. We can’t…Read more Clubbing versus the “real” world (And the real world is winning)