my first talk on poetry

Last Saturday, I gave my first talk on poetry. I've been giving a lot of HIV talks since I became public with my status in 2008 and the objective of those talks are very different. Yes, they are both personal and they are both done in the hopes that people's lives will be enriched; but…Read more my first talk on poetry


Spoken Word: Clubbing vs. the “real” world (and the “real” world is winning)

I talked about the Pasyal Sunday in Intramuros by Viva Manila in another blog entry and how much I enjoyed myself there and how I was able to read two of my poems in the open mic. It was a wonderful, sunny day. And the crowd was amazing and attentive and gave so much energy.…Read more Spoken Word: Clubbing vs. the “real” world (and the “real” world is winning)

Getting Weird

So a few days ago, I had a really long talk on my Facebook wall over an article I had posted. The article I posted from The Telegraph, 'Cool' London is dead, and the rich kids are to blame, sparked a discussion and, usually, my Facebook wall is just a whole lot of crazy, funny…Read more Getting Weird

first free day in months

I went to sleep at four in the morning last night finishing revisions for one of my projects. It's done. Submitted. While I wait for the corporate machinery to start turning and working, I'm off the hook for the meantime. Because of my body clock, I still woke up at nine in the morning and…Read more first free day in months

first book of the year: “God is not Great”

I didn't get to read too much last year, I'm not so proud to say. I read some pretty good books, though, like Life of Pi┬áby Yann Martel and while I had some criticisms regarding the writing style of World War Z, I still thought the book was pretty good. I got around to reading…Read more first book of the year: “God is not Great”

reading again

It has been almost a year and a half since my eyesight gave up on me. On my second bought of meningitis, my eye-sight was affected. I couldn't even read the text messages on my phone. It was horrible. I could hardly see the person in front of me. When I finally won against meningitis,…Read more reading again