Words and moving pictures (Panorama)

So I wrote something for Panorama in their book issue last November and I only got to see it recently on the online edition. I had almost forgotten I had written it. It's a long piece about how reading books on Scriptwriting, to teach in class, made me realize things about myself as a Scriptwriter.…Read more Words and moving pictures (Panorama)


back to reading

Now that I'm going to start teaching again, I have to get back to reading. I have to catch up on a lot of books that I'll need to brush up on for class. I've had a difficulty reading since last year when my eyesight started to get bad. Reading has become difficult. Even reading…Read more back to reading

a childhood revisited

I started reading a lot of old comics again lately. I don't know why but I just did. Instead of reading books (my back-log is enormous and I just recently bought new E-Books that I am interested in reading but I just don't feel like it right now) I've just been reading a lot of…Read more a childhood revisited

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My reading habits have gone from bad to worse and I'm very much ashamed. I didn't get into the habit of reading until much, much later in life. I used to collect comic books as a kid but only really looked through the pictures and only read enough to get the story. I used to…Read more read more

“Am I Still Cultured?”

The other day, maybe two or three nights ago, I was struck by this overwhelming fear that I might have be too remiss with my reading and that I have, somehow, become less of what I am supposed to be. Here I am, this cultural snob with aspirations for a certain quality of high-mindedness and…Read more “Am I Still Cultured?”

Fin (or Reading to Fin and other children)

For Fin   I am drawn to your innocence but it frightens me too.   I tread carefully around you lest you might break me with your laughter.   How could we ever be the same? Ten fingers, ten toes, one head, one heart but the sunlight caresses your skin; on mine, it is rough…Read more Fin (or Reading to Fin and other children)

CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

So, the CoKid foundation put up a segment of my talk at the CoKid Talks: Reading Revolution in The Power of Poetry. It's the second half of the talk already and I'm flailing, by this time. I feel like I was stronger and more clear and more articulate at the beginning of the talk. By…Read more CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)