“Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website

My short story, Wife, which was first published in Team magazine's second issue was published in Cecilia Brainard's blog. Ma'am Cecilia is actually a family friend who I met at a one-day writing workshop when I was still a student in La Salle. After the workshop, she approached me and asked me if I was "the…Read more “Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website


no exit here

There is a poetry competition that I took interest in. I don't really take too much stock on competitions because I know that it's really just based on certain individuals aesthetics -- but I figured I needed to win some if I was going to get any sort of credibility and to help get more…Read more no exit here

A Positive Life (Panorama, Manila Bulletin)

We were living: making choices—some of them reckless or misinformed, doing what felt right or normal or within the boundaries of what was acceptable to us, even if we didn’t know the whole truth about what we were getting ourselves into. I had no idea the person I was sleeping with back then was HIV…Read more A Positive Life (Panorama, Manila Bulletin)

Building the Collection

Just the other day, I got an e-mail from one of the journals that I sent poems to for publication. They told me they are going to publish my work (both poems) and I'm overjoyed about it. These poems are two of my strongest Instagram poems but they have been edited and refined. I fixed the…Read more Building the Collection

Extra! Extra! Cover detail for my upcoming E-Book

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've got big news coming this July. One them is No Filter, the play I'm working on with The Sandbox Collective as a Dramaturg, but I think it is time to reveal the other big thing that's going to happen for me when the second half of the…Read more Extra! Extra! Cover detail for my upcoming E-Book

What You Don’t Know (Published in Panorama Magazine)

I got published today! My poem "What You Don't Know" got published in today's issue of  Panorama Magazine of The Manila Bulletin. I am feeling so good right now. This is a poem that originated from one of my one-liner Tweets with the hashtag #forfutureuse. I sometimes find myself writing down a verse or a…Read more What You Don’t Know (Published in Panorama Magazine)


It happened! I got published. I got published in an anthology of poems in the UK. Dagda Publishing, who have published two of my poems before on their website, was looking for submissions for an anthology for a collection of Western Haikus and I submitted a couple and I am so happy that they thought…Read more Anthologised