Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH

I was hanging out at Pineapple Lab a few weeks ago when I was introduced to someone who was happy to meet me. Apparently, she has heard of me and what I've done. Her name was Ross and she asked if I could speak at Social Media Day, a completely volunteer, non-profit event that brings…Read more Speaking at Social Media Day #NextPH


Navigating These Spaces

I hadn't read my poetry out loud in public in a long while. I used to do it often back in the early part of 2000 at Sanctum. I had gotten so comfortable with walking up on stage and reading my work that I would begin with a bit of a story at the beginning…Read more Navigating These Spaces

Investing in Myself

Things started to align themselves and it has become kind of clear to me that I've been investing my time and effort in the work of others. That's not a bad thing. I learned so much and have become part and parcel of larger things. I like being a part of a big machine. I…Read more Investing in Myself

Silverlens Storytelling Day

Yesterday, I made the time to spend an evening with Kate and Morx. Kate, being on the mailing list of Silverlens Gallery (I'm on the mailing list too and saw the e-mail but didn't really pay much attention) on a Storytelling Day. She wanted to do something different and I'm always willing to do something…Read more Silverlens Storytelling Day