the last two chapters of 2018

Last Friday night (or the early morning of Saturday, depends on how you look at it), I finished the last segment of the script of the documentary I'm working on. After reading files and files of transcripts of over two months worth of interviews, I've finally been able to cut up all the necessary sound…Read more the last two chapters of 2018


is this a midlife crisis?

In eight months, I'm going to be forty years old. It doesn't scare me and I didn't think that it affected me in any way. I like being older. I feel less inclined to be so accommodating and I can look back at all the years that I've been alive and feel more secure about…Read more is this a midlife crisis?

is this contentment?

It's July, officially the start of the second half of the year, and things are looking up. I think. I'm applying for my Masters degree as we speak. The term is about to end and I'm going to prepare for my transition into my new position in the Film Department as the Faculty Program Coordinator.…Read more is this contentment?

and then something comes…

I have a really bad habit of making pronouncements here on my blog and then, several entries later, I seem to have forgotten them as I report another life event or work situation that completely undermines my previous statements and declarations. I said a few entries ago that after this documentary and movie that I'm…Read more and then something comes…