Bacolod for the weekend

I arrived last Friday because I was invited to give a talk on screenwriting at the Negros Museum for the FDCP. The FDCP sponsored my trip back home and I asked to stay for the weekend to be with my parents but at the same time, it was a chance for me to get myself…Read more Bacolod for the weekend

there’s just not enough time

I've been saying "no" to projects and to invitations to go out. I know it doesn't seem that way with all my talk about getting new clients everyday and all the times you may have seen me out on my Instagram stories but you do not know the amount of stuff that I've had to…Read more there’s just not enough time

hiding away

I'm in Bacolod as I am writing this, setting this up to be published today (Saturday) as I am probably on a ferry to Iloilo (or I've already arrived) to attend a really, super good friend's wedding. I'll be in Iloilo for a few days. I am not bringing my computer with me. I'm going…Read more hiding away