No Filter: The Press Con

Yesterday, at Privato Hotel, we held our press con for No Filter: Let's Talk About Me. Six of our cast of eight (there are 3 roles with alternates) were there and the whole Sandbox Collective team was there working their butts off to make sure everything just went exactly how we wanted it and while…Read more No Filter: The Press Con

Breaking Barriers

Yesterday, I attended a press conference hosted by Philippine Legislator's Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) and the UNAIDS Philippines to Break Barriers and End the Trend. It was meant to continue this dialogue with the press to maintain the consistency of their reporting of the serious issue the country has with HIV and AIDS…Read more Breaking Barriers

Sonata: the Manila Presscon

I'm no stranger to a press conference. I've been to many in the past few years -- as an observer, as part of the organisers, and as part of the press. When I became an HIV advocate, I found myself seated at the table in front and facing the press who then asked me questions.…Read more Sonata: the Manila Presscon