in aid to opposition

If you are feeling helpless or that you aren't doing enough in providing proper opposition to what's happening in our country, here's an option you might want to consider. Because what we need now, more than ever, is opposition. Because what we have right now is a dictatorship. The three branches of government are all…Read more in aid to opposition

angry, distracted, almost broken

Been very busy lately. Just getting my life in order and trying to gather all my documents that I need for employment while plotting out my lesson plans for all my classes and finishing up all my freelance work. I want to be able to focus on just teaching and my film projects. But I've…Read more angry, distracted, almost broken

The Story, front and center (Manila Bulletin)

I'm writing for the Manila Bulletin again. The one month I spent in Manila provided me with the access I needed to engage with the stories that I could write about. Of all the things I miss writing for, it's writing reviews. I was invited to the press preview for the Chris Millado play, Buwan…Read more The Story, front and center (Manila Bulletin)


I slept late last night. I fell into a black hole just refreshing my Twitter feed on updates about the shooting at Orlando, where so many members of the LGBTQ community were exercising their right to have a good time. Approximately 50 dead. Over 50 people injured, many in critical condition. I fell into the…Read more P R I D E

corrupt by association

I would like to think I'm political. I mean, I try to keep myself updated in Philippine politics and I can engage in discussions about politics and the affairs of the country with some level of competency that affords me my opinions: I pay my taxes, I vote, I participate in some online petitions, and…Read more corrupt by association

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO/YouTube)

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on a news program. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I just kept exclaiming aloud "hayop" (which exactly translates to "animal" from Filipino,┬ábut is used as an expression that's more akin to "Oh my God") even if I was alone in my…Read more Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO/YouTube)

and a million people marched

I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I was hoping it would feel like EDSA 2; when we all banded together at EDSA and, hand-in-hand, voiced our distaste and displeasure of then-president Estrada. We toppled that administration, only to usher in another corrupt demon; this one was more canny, though. This one was…Read more and a million people marched