One. Words Anonymous

So I've been invited to perform one of my pieces at the anniversary event of Words Anonymous. I was so honoured to have been asked and said "yes" immediately and then I saw their poster and I was shocked my name would be on it. I just saw today, on Facebook, that they are at…Read more One. Words Anonymous

Navigating These Spaces

I hadn't read my poetry out loud in public in a long while. I used to do it often back in the early part of 2000 at Sanctum. I had gotten so comfortable with walking up on stage and reading my work that I would begin with a bit of a story at the beginning…Read more Navigating These Spaces

These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

Last night, I was at the White Wall Poetry event These Spaces at Sev's Cafe for Fringe Manila and I am so thankful that they took a video of my performance (Thank you, Franz Pantaleon!). Here's me, reading my poem Primitive (or Love in the Time of Mobile Internet and Grindr): *** Primitive (or Love in…Read more These Spaces — Wanggo performing “Primitive”

Intramuros Pasyal Sunday (March 16)

To help boost local tourism, Viva Manila is putting together a monthly event called Pasyal Sunday and, for the month of March, they have decided to hold it in March 16 with the theme "Speak Out" and a good friend, poet, and performance artist Daniel Darwin invited me to read my poems in the poetry…Read more Intramuros Pasyal Sunday (March 16)

the arts & HIV awareness

There are still a few more World AIDS Day (Week) activities and programs that are ongoing until Saturday but last night was my last for the year. I'm tired. I'm exhausted shuttling from one event to the next. Malu Marin of NSAP and Bai Bagasao and Miss Ced of UNAIDS probably go to more events…Read more the arts & HIV awareness

Enchong Dee reading poetry in Greenbelt 5

I can just imagine it: his swimmer’s body His muscles tensing with every uttered metaphor, How the similes escape his lips And fall unto the adoring crowd’s eager ears.   This is a different kind of religious experience.   In what I can imagine to be his armor of Bench apparel, He becomes some embodiment…Read more Enchong Dee reading poetry in Greenbelt 5