I took a break from script writing yesterday to try and beat a pressing deadline for a call for submissions for a journal. I found out about the call for submissions on November 24 and the deadline was for November 30. It was something I really wanted to submit something to. But I had nothing,…Read more restructuring


no exit here

There is a poetry competition that I took interest in. I don't really take too much stock on competitions because I know that it's really just based on certain individuals aesthetics -- but I figured I needed to win some if I was going to get any sort of credibility and to help get more…Read more no exit here


My book, Remnants, has slowed down in sales considerably at the beginning of the year. I was selling about five or six copies a month and then when 2016 came, it totally stopped completely. I expected as much. Poetry doesn't have a huge market and I'm practically a nobody. I thought it was going to…Read more impatient

“The Thin Man” (It begins…)

I'm running out of things to say. I've come to that point in my recuperation and my convalescence that everything is going smooth sailing (thankfully) and everything has become routine. Twice a week, I go to my dialysis and on those days, I eat a really early dinner at around 5pm or 5:30pm. I'm at…Read more “The Thin Man” (It begins…)

Things to do on August

No Filter ends on August 2 (insert sad face here) and while we are gearing up for our last weekend, I'm also looking ahead -- as far as August -- to get my life back together and, of course, there's a lot of work to be done. I have to get back to a state…Read more Things to do on August

a free fall into something wonderful

Today is a huge day for me. No Filter opens tomorrow and tonight is our Preview Night. The press, our sponsors, our friends, and our families will fill up RCBC and we are going to finally unveil all the hard work we've been doing for the past two and half months. The cast is so…Read more a free fall into something wonderful

Remnants announced at Flipside Publishing’s FB page

So, after thirteen years of writing poems for myself, I've finally compiled the best pieces for a first collection and that collection, Remnants, is coming out very, very soon. Check out the screen cap from the FB page of Flipside Publishing: The book is ready but we had to send it back to the conversion…Read more Remnants announced at Flipside Publishing’s FB page