lost in transition

Floating between now and then. I'm waiting for news that will determine the next two years of my life. Until I hear about it, I can't make any real concrete plans. I am picking up any work I can get. Short term projects are good because they'll end quickly. But I can't take anything that's…Read more lost in transition



Received an e-mail last night that told me the anthology that was going to publish my poem, The Lamentation Suite, is no longer pushing through. They didn't receive enough good submissions, they said, and scrapped the project. So now I've got a whole poem that I'm quite proud of that I don't know what to…Read more stalled

Things to do on August

No Filter ends on August 2 (insert sad face here) and while we are gearing up for our last weekend, I'm also looking ahead -- as far as August -- to get my life back together and, of course, there's a lot of work to be done. I have to get back to a state…Read more Things to do on August

Where Do I Begin (Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton)

Last day in Lisbon and I'll be flying back to Manila and back to regular life and I cannot come back the same person and I cannot come back to what I was before. I have so many ideas in my head now and so many interesting things and plans and projects to sink my…Read more Where Do I Begin (Chemical Brothers featuring Beth Orton)

seeing Stars on February

2013 has just begun but I am already getting things marked in my calendar. Flying to Iloilo on the 8th of January to give a talk on living with HIV to some nursing students and then, the next day, will be taking the ferry back to Bacolod to hang out with my mom. My friend…Read more seeing Stars on February