fantasy trap

I'm retreating into my fantasy worlds again. I can spends hours just lazing around or pacing around my tiny studio apartment just thinking about things that could happen if everything went according to my plans. It's taking so much of my time and I'm really thinking that this is my defense mechanism when I'm very…Read more fantasy trap


year’s end

This month's Mercury in Retrograde really fucked me up badly. Everything started crashing down and it's as if all the bad mojo of this year has been rammed up into a wall, represented by the last day of 2017. I've been saying that this has been a challenging year and, I'm afraid to admit, that…Read more year’s end

the disappearing trick

I've always been into astrology but never in the way that I've been into it the way I am now. I think becoming friends with Apa and Jessie have opened me up more into it. Apa and Jessie are both very, very knowledgeable about the zodiac and I've come to learn and become more aware…Read more the disappearing trick

and Mercury goes direct

Do you believe in Mercury in Retrograde? Because I do. I can't ¬†help it; I see it happen and I see it working and I see its effects on the world. The short of it, when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, all forms of machinery, communication, and forward motion just stops in place. There will…Read more and Mercury goes direct