Disrupting Cinema: Technology is disrupting cinema as we know it (Adobo magazine)

So I wrote an article for Adobo magazine about how technology has affected cinema. This is my second contribution to Adobo magazine but I'm not sure if I'll be contributing for them again soon. I was really late in submitting this piece and I'm so embarrassed about it but there were many interesting things that…Read more Disrupting Cinema: Technology is disrupting cinema as we know it (Adobo magazine)


angry, distracted, almost broken

Been very busy lately. Just getting my life in order and trying to gather all my documents that I need for employment while plotting out my lesson plans for all my classes and finishing up all my freelance work. I want to be able to focus on just teaching and my film projects. But I've…Read more angry, distracted, almost broken

How a Photo of a Tarpaulin Sparked a Discussion on HIV Prevention (Cosmopolitan Philippines)

So there was a little stir in the Internet a few days ago. A group I respect and admire a lot, the Love Yourself organization, held an HIV testing outreach to a school in the city along with TestMNL, a new NGO focused on HIV testing that I've come across on Twitter. They had promotional…Read more How a Photo of a Tarpaulin Sparked a Discussion on HIV Prevention (Cosmopolitan Philippines)

the realist versus the romantic

Yesterday's post was quite emotionally. I felt beaten up and defeated. I hate feeling that way and I hate it when I feel helpless. I'm often the one who cheers people up, gives them hope, and filled with wise words to say about soldiering on. I had none of those qualities to give to myself…Read more the realist versus the romantic

Hopefully, tomorrow

There's that popular idea that suggests you fight fire with fire. In a moment of wise-assed-ness, I once tweeted, Fight fire with fire? I'd rather fight fire with water. I thought I was so smart. Being non-confrontational as a person, I never indulged my anger. I always tried to stay calm and collected. I took…Read more Hopefully, tomorrow

It doesn’t feel like Christmas

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas as early as possible. As early as September, some shops set aside a corner for Christmas decorations and possible gift options. By October, some people are already slowly taking out the holiday trimmings out of the box and getting it ready. Some homes have their decors up already halfway…Read more It doesn’t feel like Christmas

on the day

So exactly a week ago, last Friday, I scheduled my fistula operation. After my first failed fistula operation early this year, I was planning to go overboard with protecting my arm to ensure that this fistula would mature. I was planning on not moving around for two weeks to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.…Read more on the day