Wanggo Online

If you're a regular to the site, then you might notice that I've made some design/layout/theme changes again. I've not been all that happy with the last look of my blog for awhile now. And WordPress offered a domain name with an accompanying e-mail address that was more personalized and I thought that this would…Read more Wanggo Online

Four days to Christmas

It still shocks me that it's just four days to Christmas. It seems that Christmas, for me anyway, has been mostly about going to various Christmas parties, rushing to the mall and fighting the crowds to buy the very little Christmas gifts that I can afford to give out, facing Christmas rush traffic, and then…Read more Four days to Christmas

A Positive Life (Panorama, Manila Bulletin)

We were living: making choices—some of them reckless or misinformed, doing what felt right or normal or within the boundaries of what was acceptable to us, even if we didn’t know the whole truth about what we were getting ourselves into. I had no idea the person I was sleeping with back then was HIV…Read more A Positive Life (Panorama, Manila Bulletin)

Remnants On Sale for the month of December

In celebration of World AIIDS Day tomorrow (December 1), I'm putting my book on sale. I don't know. It just seems like the right thing to do. I didn't think it was an HIV book or a collection of HIV poems or whatever. I thought I was writing outside of that, the life I lead…Read more Remnants On Sale for the month of December

curl up into a little ball and…

Today I can't even try. I'm not going to. Everyone keeps telling me not to lose my spirit and to keep fighting and to stay strong but all the challenges ahead of me seem endless. The cost is incredibly high and I feel so horrible that it's an added burden on my parents, who shouldn't…Read more curl up into a little ball and…

The STOMHA (State of my Health Address)

This isn't easy for me to admit. I have always been a huge advocate of taking care of yourself. As a person living with HIV, it was important for me to show that one can live a good, full, and meaningful life even with HIV as long as they take good care of themselves. It…Read more The STOMHA (State of my Health Address)