Coming full circle (Manila Bulletin)

This is an article I wrote about the dance/choreography duo Rhosam.Mia in Manila Bulletin. I wrote this some time ago but there was never enough space to put it out and it came last January and I didn't even know. It wasn't until the dancers themselves put it up on Facebook that I realised the…Read more Coming full circle (Manila Bulletin)


it never gets old

So here I am again. Opening weekend and this feeling just never gets old, does it? Hanging around the theater lobby and listening in to the conversations of our audience before the show, at intermission, and after the show; trying to get tidbits of information to find out what they think, if they are talking…Read more it never gets old

Silverlens Storytelling Day

Yesterday, I made the time to spend an evening with Kate and Morx. Kate, being on the mailing list of Silverlens Gallery (I'm on the mailing list too and saw the e-mail but didn't really pay much attention) on a Storytelling Day. She wanted to do something different and I'm always willing to do something…Read more Silverlens Storytelling Day