year’s end

This month's Mercury in Retrograde really fucked me up badly. Everything started crashing down and it's as if all the bad mojo of this year has been rammed up into a wall, represented by the last day of 2017. I've been saying that this has been a challenging year and, I'm afraid to admit, that…Read more year’s end


writing + teaching

It's been almost a month since I finished my corporate class and I just ended my workshop session at SHIFT last Monday. I have two more sessions before my SCRIPT2 class at Benilde is done. It's been an amazing few months of teaching and I realized, from the feedback I've been getting, I'm an okay…Read more writing + teaching

Advice (protection)

Ssshhh... not articulate, do not give yourself away; do not reveal, or give up what you know   you do not make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up to their scrutiny they have no right to lay their eyes, fire and brimstone, on your skin, not even your fallen hair or that tear…Read more Advice (protection)


I've been writing professionally since I was fourteen years old. I'm very proud of that fact. I've had a deadline for a paid gig since I was in second year high school. I got the job because I'm my Dad's son. It was nepotism, I guess, but he had co-created the film Batang X with…Read more forks