Full Moon in Venus (GLU)

So I kinda wrote a story for a comic, which came out in GLU, a zine published by Team Magazine. It's my first time to write a comic since, well, the 90s. It's kind of cool because it's like coming full circle for me since my first ever job was in second year high school,…Read more Full Moon in Venus (GLU)


yesterday was a good day

I woke up yesterday coming from a particularly busy but very pleasant Friday. I had traveled all the way to San Juan to visit my dad and my brother, who are here from Bacolod for the weekend. Yesterday was the only day they had that was free to hang out with Datu and I because…Read more yesterday was a good day

The Radiant Glow of “Moonlight’s” Oscar (Team magazine)

On Monday, I woke up early to catch the Academy Awards. The Oscars are my Miss Universe. I grew up watching films before I even learned how to read. But let me say it first: the Oscars are not the end-all, be-all of artistic excellence in movies. There will always be a film or an…Read more The Radiant Glow of “Moonlight’s” Oscar (Team magazine)

Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Tomorrow, we air the season finale of our passion project, the web series┬áHanging Out, but last night we had a season ender party at Commune. The bands MOONWLK and actor/singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo performed sets, including the songs they so graciously let us use for the show. They aired all the episodes, from…Read more Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

On a Positive Note (Team Magazine)

What I like to call The HIV Playlist. This article I wrote is actually based on several blog entries from here. I have a series of songs that I reinterpreted to be HIV songs. Personal anthems to get me through the dark periods. Paolo Lorenzana, one of my best friends and editor-in-chief of Team, told…Read more On a Positive Note (Team Magazine)

Hanging Out (a Team web series)

I've been working on a web series with some amazing people and the incredible Team magazine staff. We've been working on it since October but I haven't said anything about it until now because I wanted it to be up and running before I made any sort of announcements. I've learned that just because we…Read more Hanging Out (a Team web series)