fantasy trap

I'm retreating into my fantasy worlds again. I can spends hours just lazing around or pacing around my tiny studio apartment just thinking about things that could happen if everything went according to my plans. It's taking so much of my time and I'm really thinking that this is my defense mechanism when I'm very…Read more fantasy trap

take me to the beach

It's almost a year now since I was last at the beach and that's too long. I'm struggling with something that I don't have a complete understanding of just yet and I've been feeling overwhelmed. By what exactly, I am also not so sure of. And the best thing I can think of to do…Read more take me to the beach

the Wallflower blooms (redux)

So I watched it again. That film that destroyed me yesterday: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.┬áMy Dad hadn't seen it and wanted to watch a film and I was clamoring for more. I had to see it again. So I did. I watched it. And it hit me stronger now then when I first…Read more the Wallflower blooms (redux)