I’ve got PRIDE

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever Pride march. I've been out to my family in my teens and I've stopped dodging the questions about my sexual preference as far back as my early twenties. I've relatively lived a life outside of the closet most of my life. And even if I was out and…Read more I’ve got PRIDE


on Britain leaving the EU

They said the year of the Fire Monkey was going to be a year of radical change. I didn't think it was going to be this radical and drastic. So many things have been happening on a global scale that it is so hard to keep up. The Fire Monkey is delivering on his promise…Read more on Britain leaving the EU

Soon Love Soon (Vienna Teng)

there'll be a fire burning in the temple of our peace there'll be a soaring voice for our silent please -- Soon Love Soon by Vienna Teng I've been rendered inert, practically, by this whole mess. There's been a lot of introspection -- and I found myself feeling so much guilt for having taken my…Read more Soon Love Soon (Vienna Teng)


I slept late last night. I fell into a black hole just refreshing my Twitter feed on updates about the shooting at Orlando, where so many members of the LGBTQ community were exercising their right to have a good time. Approximately 50 dead. Over 50 people injured, many in critical condition. I fell into the…Read more P R I D E