when it rains…

I'm going to be writing like a beast this month. I wonder where all these opportunities were when I was in Manila and in good health. I had all the resources that I needed back there and the space but, no, that's not how my life has been ever since I began my professional career…Read more when it rains…


the streak

I think I'm still on this good luck streak as things keep falling into place. The timing is still right and opportunities are coming up and from unexpected places too. There really is something to be said about working hard and knowing what you deserve and being willing to accept the blessings that come your…Read more the streak

falling into place

Everything seems to be falling into place, and it's weird, because I thought I was lost and adrift at sea. Last year, I lost myself and barely did anything. T'yanak just sort of fell on my lap and I'm forever grateful for having been able to be given a chance to write that film, but it…Read more falling into place

Thankful (an old blog entry)

This is an old blog entry I wrote in my old blogspot site back in May 31, 2006. I have no recollection of this moment at all. I don't know why I wrote it but, obviously, I was trying to ground myself. I need that right now -- grounding. My head has been everywhere and…Read more Thankful (an old blog entry)