on the day

So exactly a week ago, last Friday, I scheduled my fistula operation. After my first failed fistula operation early this year, I was planning to go overboard with protecting my arm to ensure that this fistula would mature. I was planning on not moving around for two weeks to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.…Read more on the day

Blogging Hiatus

This might be my last post for awhile. Tomorrow, I'll be undergoing a medical procedure. This will be my fifth medical operation, my fifth in my whole life, and to think that I had my first medical operation just last year when I had a temporary catheter attached to my neck. This operation is for…Read more Blogging Hiatus

lists (a rant)

Count your blessings they say. Make a list of the things you are grateful for instead of the things you want they tell you. Those are the methods to being a happy person. I was really good at that until the list of things I could be grateful for got stuck to something like my…Read more lists (a rant)

My two cents on dialysis

Let's just say I was a little wimp last Sunday during the whole process of getting my first dialysis done. I was barely alive, exhausted from having just flown in from Manila and I hadn't even been in Bacolod for 24-hours and I already found myself at the Hemodialysis room at the hospital with the…Read more My two cents on dialysis