One month to go

My dreams have become very, very vivid as of late. I don't know why, I don't think I'm sleeping any better. Not especially since, in a month's time, I'm going back to Manila for a visit. I'm going back to Manila to vote. I wasn't planning on voting this year. Every year since I was…Read more One month to go


The Millennial Experience | Jam Pascual | TEDxTaftAve

I'll admit that I've always wanted to give a TED Talks. I can't help it. I want to share what I know and what I've experienced and somehow, being invited to give a TED Talks would be some sort of signifier that I've done something or I know something good enough to be asked to…Read more The Millennial Experience | Jam Pascual | TEDxTaftAve

What I’m holding on to

My brother went to Manila for a week and he got back a few days back. He was attending a wedding and he asked me if there was anything I had left in Manila that I need while I'm here. I left in such a rush and I wasn't well so I wasn't thinking straight,…Read more What I’m holding on to

IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)

I was inviting to join the International Playwright's Forum (IPF) workshop on Dramaturgy with Ursula Werdenberg (of Switzerland) and Yena Gim (of Korea) that was held over the weekend here in Bacolod. I was quite excited to go because I did Dramaturgy work last year for No Filter and I had a basic idea about…Read more IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)

why I haven’t posted anything lately

I got busy and the Internet has been wonky. I'd love to blame it on Mercury being in Retrograde but it wasn't. It's just plain ol' Bacolod Internet and the lack of provincial infrastructure brought upon by a government that has only really taken care of Manila and left everybody else to rot. The country…Read more why I haven’t posted anything lately

still at the thick of things

I'm working on a short film now. And based from my post yesterday, I might have something in Manila that I have half a year to work on that I'm super excited about, and then I have my own personal writing to do. But I also got word yesterday that some artists want to work…Read more still at the thick of things

forged on stage (a No Filter post)

My Dad is consulting director for a community theatre project here in Bacolod. Thrice a week, he goes off to help out direct a staging of an Ilonggo adaptation of Anatomiya ng Korupsyon by Malou Jacob with some local theatre actors here and the following day, he shares his experiences with my Mom and I about…Read more forged on stage (a No Filter post)