four years as an artist

I was always afraid to call myself an artist when I was younger. I was writing all the time and I definitely had ambitions but I had such high regard for artists and what they do that I was not ever going to call myself one until I felt that I had earned that right.…Read more four years as an artist

something brewing (a No Filter post)

This month, we're going to be launching something and it's definitely directly connected to The Sandbox Collective's play No Filter. The cast is excited, the creative team is excited, all the writers are excited, the crew is excited, and our new collaborators are so excited and we really can't wait to share with you the…Read more something brewing (a No Filter post)

What I’m holding on to

My brother went to Manila for a week and he got back a few days back. He was attending a wedding and he asked me if there was anything I had left in Manila that I need while I'm here. I left in such a rush and I wasn't well so I wasn't thinking straight,…Read more What I’m holding on to

My two cents on dialysis

Let's just say I was a little wimp last Sunday during the whole process of getting my first dialysis done. I was barely alive, exhausted from having just flown in from Manila and I hadn't even been in Bacolod for 24-hours and I already found myself at the Hemodialysis room at the hospital with the…Read more My two cents on dialysis

Super Typhoon Lando (Super Typhoon Koppu) makes landfall

And yet another super typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines' area of responsibility. Almost every year now, the country gets hit by a super typhoon of massive proportions. The Global Warming/Climate Change denialists can say this isn't at all caused by the amount of pollutants we've put into the air but I'm one to believe…Read more Super Typhoon Lando (Super Typhoon Koppu) makes landfall

it never gets old

So here I am again. Opening weekend and this feeling just never gets old, does it? Hanging around the theater lobby and listening in to the conversations of our audience before the show, at intermission, and after the show; trying to get tidbits of information to find out what they think, if they are talking…Read more it never gets old