broken record

I'm boring. I struggle to write here because I've just been like a broken record. Same old thing day-in and day-out. Still working on the script, still broke as fuck, still just getting by, not seeing my friends, still love teaching, still wishing that I could just teach and not have to do anything else.…Read more broken record


the unexpected nights

I spent pretty much the whole day yesterday writing. I was working on a sequence treatment for a film I'm putting together with a director I really respect and admire (name to be revealed soon but if you've been following me on Instagram (@wanggo) you probably already know who it is). The director likes to…Read more the unexpected nights

Silverlens Storytelling Day

Yesterday, I made the time to spend an evening with Kate and Morx. Kate, being on the mailing list of Silverlens Gallery (I'm on the mailing list too and saw the e-mail but didn't really pay much attention) on a Storytelling Day. She wanted to do something different and I'm always willing to do something…Read more Silverlens Storytelling Day