Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding ARV delays

This letter is circulating and it has been sent to me twice today. It's from the blogger Pozzie Pinoy and it's a letter to Dr. Ona of the Department of Health (DOH) to address the delays in the anti-retroviral treatment (ART), which is necessary for the HIV community to stay healthy.In fact, early treatment with…Read more Calling Dr. Ona and the DOH regarding ARV delays

CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

So, the CoKid foundation put up a segment of my talk at the CoKid Talks: Reading Revolution in The Power of Poetry. It's the second half of the talk already and I'm flailing, by this time. I feel like I was stronger and more clear and more articulate at the beginning of the talk. By…Read more CoKid Talks: The Power of Poetry (English and Filipino)

my first talk on poetry

Last Saturday, I gave my first talk on poetry. I've been giving a lot of HIV talks since I became public with my status in 2008 and the objective of those talks are very different. Yes, they are both personal and they are both done in the hopes that people's lives will be enriched; but…Read more my first talk on poetry

off the press

I was all written-out, to be honest, hence the lack of any real update. It has been a bit harrowing. I sort of became this monster on the release of Sonata, constantly searching for any kind of affirmation that the work we did would be appreciated. And it was, and it wasn't enough. It wasn't…Read more off the press

Heads Better Roll

The Philippine government has failed the country. I'm not particularly adept at talking about politics. I only became politically conscious later on in my late twenties. I was trying too hard to be an artist and left the political arena to the ones who are better suited to the task. I just paid my taxes…Read more Heads Better Roll