everything was a metaphor

My New Year's Eve to New Year's Day was amazing. My first two days, I was annoyed because Boracay had changed so much from the last time I was there. I kept catching myself saying under my breath, "This used to be so beautiful." But I was smiling the whole time and I was just…Read more everything was a metaphor

Endings and Beginnings

This time of year, New Year's Eve, it is like an open door. All you have to do is to step through it. One foot in front of the other. It’s the rehearsed exit and entrance of all things. The hourglass flips, the current pushes us out from the river to the sea, and somewhere—…Read more Endings and Beginnings

partying ’til the sun comes out

I left the house at around 2am on New Year's Day. I had spent the turn of the year in my brother's house with my brothers and the moment the fireworks and the firecrackers had died down, we said our goodbyes and greeted each other our happy wishes and I drove home with my other…Read more partying ’til the sun comes out

Sunset, New Year’s Day, 2014

the sky turned the colour of cobalt and purple as the horizon line catches fire   dark and heavy clouds shaped like an anvil's face that is ready for work   there is a stillness and a quiet that lingers in the air after the scent of cordite and sulphur has long been blown away by a breeze that came in this…Read more Sunset, New Year’s Day, 2014