Begin Again #2019

I got to spend the turn of the new year the way I wanted to, in a club dancing. I was dancing from 10:30am to 4:30am and got home a little after 5am with the sun coming out. I didn't take any photos during the New Year celebration so I'll use my favorite photo from…Read more Begin Again #2019


The past few days have been better. It's silly to think that the new year was some demarcation point of some illusionary mindset that I placed on myself. But the new year came and my mind just suddenly came awake somehow. Some things have become clearer and some things have opened up. I'm not completely…Read more better

Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)

So I'm predictable. So what? I was one of the people who had said that 2016 was "challenging" and "difficult." I had said that many times on this blog even. And I meant it. Just three days ago, on the evening of the 29th, I submitted a script -- my last deadline for 2016 --…Read more Pretty Good Year (Tori Amos)