Current Eargasm: Green Light by Lorde

This just dropped today and I lost my head. I bought the single off of iTunes immediately and put the song on repeat. I've played it fourteen times already. The song, the lyrics, the video... my goodness! Lorde just killed it. She fucking killed it. I know this. I know this feeling. I've been there…Read more Current Eargasm: Green Light by Lorde

Sexual Revolution — Macy Gray (official video)

So, one day, before going to sleep, I was thinking of Sense8 and I suddenly remembered this song from the album The Id by Macy Gray. I recalled that it had a fun video, but couldn't quite remember what the video was and I remember it was one of my favourite songs from that album.…Read more Sexual Revolution — Macy Gray (official video)

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) — David Bowie

Trust David Bowie to come out with a new album and make some of the best music coming out in a long while, and wow everyone with a kick-ass video to boot, and extending his musical legacy a whole decade further. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is a single from the album The Next Day, and it's a…Read more The Stars (Are Out Tonight) — David Bowie

relentless love

I was buying some songs in iTunes when I saw on the "related artist" portion that Kate Miller-Heidke has a new album and single. I love these quirky pop singer/songwriters. She uses her classical training to reach some rather high notes but she has a way of telling stories that are fun, off-the-wall, but so…Read more relentless love