The No Filter book launch!

Would you believe I really did mean to blog here but I never got to because I got really busy? Several days before the launch, we got busy getting things done and ready. We even found time -- Toff de Venecia, Sab Jose, and myself -- to sit down with Paolo Valenciano, who we ask…Read more The No Filter book launch!

No Filter (the book)

I've teased about it, I think. Made mention that we were cooking something up; we being the lovely guys and gals of The Sandbox Collective, the cast and artistic team of No Filter, and Summit Books. And now we can finally talk about it. ​​ It's the main reason why I flew back to Manila. I…Read more No Filter (the book)

No Filter 2.0: We are opening this weekend!!!

Have you gotten your tickets yet for the re-staging of one of the surprise theatrical hits of 2015? The Sandbox Collective's original play No Filter was a surprise smash hit, selling all its tickets in its second weekend of its two weekend run last July that we had to extend it for two more shows…Read more No Filter 2.0: We are opening this weekend!!!

Something Worth Doing

So, the play had its closing show last Sunday. It was a matinee and we had a talk back with our audience. We were all feeling so good because we had a successful second weekend. All the shows for the second weekend were sold out. Every ticket sold. People clamoured for more so we put…Read more Something Worth Doing

a free fall into something wonderful

Today is a huge day for me. No Filter opens tomorrow and tonight is our Preview Night. The press, our sponsors, our friends, and our families will fill up RCBC and we are going to finally unveil all the hard work we've been doing for the past two and half months. The cast is so…Read more a free fall into something wonderful

No Filter: We open in 5 days!

They are putting up our set and we will start technical dress rehearsals tomorrow and everything is moving at fifth gear. After months of hard work, it's finally happening. No Filter will open in five days! I've never been so excited. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I was there through every step of…Read more No Filter: We open in 5 days!

No Filter: The Press Con

Yesterday, at Privato Hotel, we held our press con for No Filter: Let's Talk About Me. Six of our cast of eight (there are 3 roles with alternates) were there and the whole Sandbox Collective team was there working their butts off to make sure everything just went exactly how we wanted it and while…Read more No Filter: The Press Con