The power of ‘Nanette’ by Hannah Gadsby

Everyone was posting about how powerful Nanette, a comedy special on Netflix by Hannah Gadsby. was and how they were all reeling through its power and emotional content. One of my weaknesses, I think, is that I'm a little wary and cautious about hype. I tend to stay away from it. I think deep down, it's…Read more The power of ‘Nanette’ by Hannah Gadsby



It's getting harder and harder to connect to the old world that  was my world. The Internet here in our house in Bacolod is just not up to scratch with what I'm used to and that makes blogging, WhatsApp, and the other means with which I keep in touch slip from my grasp. Without the…Read more Sink

No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

Yesterday's blog entry mentioned an important event I couldn't miss last Tuesday. It was the press conference for the announcement of No Filter's second run. This is not an extension. This is the continuation of the development of the play and we have evolved quite a bit... no, quite a lot. We call it No…Read more No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

This is not Broadway

The play has stopped making sense long ago. And since Act I, we’ve been improvising our lines, making everything up as we go along. The playwright isn’t very happy. He’s somewhere backstage, arms akimbo, tapping his foot. Everyone just enters and exits on their own cues now. I find the spotlight too hot and I…Read more This is not Broadway

They are just words

Tonight, I will be heading out to 71 Gramercy to be a part of Revelations, Niccolo Cosme's collaborative art exhibit. The exhibit is Niccolo's way to celebrate and honour the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I know that the IDAHT was last May 17 or something like that, but Niccolo was still finishing his pieces…Read more They are just words