The Silence is Fragile

The silence is fragile here in this space between us; easily broken by the sudden rush of the words, like bullets, like an avalanche, like a meteor storm, and drowning out the nothingness with sentiments and the little sparks that we hope would ignite the tinder and kindling in our hearts.   Here is such…Read more The Silence is Fragile

Victim (draft)

On the road from Cadiz back to Bacolod, traveling faster than nostalgia can catch up with, I am struck dumb by the changing scenery before me: cane fields standing erect, at full attention under the gentle warmth of this good day's sun and then shifts to bare land, just recently harvested. It is faster than…Read more Victim (draft)


there are spaces in-between tangible things, something that must be traversed to get from one moment to the next. not all fragments of time are remembered -- these pieces of our history are spent with little things and little actions like waiting, waiting in line, waiting for the bus, signing cheques, calling for pizza, walking…Read more threshold