The No Filter book launch!

Would you believe I really did mean to blog here but I never got to because I got really busy? Several days before the launch, we got busy getting things done and ready. We even found time -- Toff de Venecia, Sab Jose, and myself -- to sit down with Paolo Valenciano, who we ask…Read more The No Filter book launch!

something brewing (a No Filter post)

This month, we're going to be launching something and it's definitely directly connected to The Sandbox Collective's play No Filter. The cast is excited, the creative team is excited, all the writers are excited, the crew is excited, and our new collaborators are so excited and we really can't wait to share with you the…Read more something brewing (a No Filter post)

No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

Yesterday's blog entry mentioned an important event I couldn't miss last Tuesday. It was the press conference for the announcement of No Filter's second run. This is not an extension. This is the continuation of the development of the play and we have evolved quite a bit... no, quite a lot. We call it No…Read more No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

Euphoria: No Filter opens tonight, our press preview was a smash

There is no other word for it, really. It's euphoria. This absolutely feeling of joy that is so consuming that you just can't stop smiling and you just want to keep spreading it around. No Filter opens tonight with a 3pm show and an 8pm show at the RCBC Carlos P. Romulo theater and our…Read more Euphoria: No Filter opens tonight, our press preview was a smash

a free fall into something wonderful

Today is a huge day for me. No Filter opens tomorrow and tonight is our Preview Night. The press, our sponsors, our friends, and our families will fill up RCBC and we are going to finally unveil all the hard work we've been doing for the past two and half months. The cast is so…Read more a free fall into something wonderful

No Filter: The Press Con

Yesterday, at Privato Hotel, we held our press con for No Filter: Let's Talk About Me. Six of our cast of eight (there are 3 roles with alternates) were there and the whole Sandbox Collective team was there working their butts off to make sure everything just went exactly how we wanted it and while…Read more No Filter: The Press Con

What I’ve been up to: No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me

So, I think the cat is out of the bag now and I've put out a teaser poster of one of the projects I've been working on and now we've been publicising our full on cast list and revealed show dates and venue. So, yeah, I'm working on a theatrical production with The Sandbox Collective…Read more What I’ve been up to: No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me