Twitter and Instagram Poems

So I've been going through all my Twitter poems. I have a lot of them. Like, a lot. Like, I've stopped counting after I passed 80. Some of them are shit. Some of them are pretty good, if I do say so myself. I was thinking, at some point, of collecting the love poems to…Read more Twitter and Instagram Poems

visual inspiration

Aside from the Twitter poems, I've started to use photos that I've taken over the years since I got my iPhone and posting them on Instagram and using them as the starting point for a poem. I look at the image and I put together a piece using the elements found there. Unlike Twitter, Instagram…Read more visual inspiration

hiding away

I'm in Bacolod as I am writing this, setting this up to be published today (Saturday) as I am probably on a ferry to Iloilo (or I've already arrived) to attend a really, super good friend's wedding. I'll be in Iloilo for a few days. I am not bringing my computer with me. I'm going…Read more hiding away