everything was a metaphor

My New Year's Eve to New Year's Day was amazing. My first two days, I was annoyed because Boracay had changed so much from the last time I was there. I kept catching myself saying under my breath, "This used to be so beautiful." But I was smiling the whole time and I was just…Read more everything was a metaphor


chasing storms

it's pretty, the lightning, how the darkness is ripped apart by the sudden brilliance and then comes the rolling, growling, reverberation in the sky and we dance in the heaviness of all the metaphors that we attribute to the rain   and we chase storms as if we didn't know the rain would drown us…Read more chasing storms


I got discharged from the hospital this morning. I actually brought my laptop because I was thinking of using the time in the hospital to work but because of my condition (potassium deficiency), I had minimal use of my extremities. Moving around was difficult and painful. Very painful. And later in the evening of my…Read more discharged

shifting to a higher gear and getting on the freeway

I have to use metaphors for this post because it's the way I'm built to think. Life is being extremely kind to me and the universe is giving me a lot of new things to think about and consider. I'm very grateful because this is a chance to level up and to really take stock…Read more shifting to a higher gear and getting on the freeway

TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield

I said before that I should force myself to watch more TED talks because, well, all the TED talks I've seen has really opened my mind and made me better at all the things that I've done. It has given me a bigger perspective in many things and the experience of watching these videos and…Read more TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield