The Day of the Dead

It's All Saint's Day or something. Day of the Dead. Something like that. I never did take to the ceremony of it. I remember, because we were so practical as a family, we didn't join in on the whole go-to-the-cemetery-and-respect-the-dead sort of thing. It's a carnival out there at the cemetery this time of the…Read more The Day of the Dead


for a change

Every time I'm in Bacolod, I always end up picking up one of my old journals and reading through them and getting pissed off and frustrated at how stupid and idiotic I was as a young adult. I was over-emotional, always over-reacting, and I was throwing myself head first into futile situations. Maybe it's the…Read more for a change

what you can find in a box

I'm cleaning out the Manila condo. What a strange thing: to go through paper bags filled with notes, documents, even pictures that you've wanted to keep for future reference but you've never actually looked at them until you're cleaning out your place and choosing what to keep and what to throw. In a box, I found…Read more what you can find in a box

Sacred Spaces

These are sacred spaces, and I have not lived here long. I took over from this place's former residents and consecrated it with my own rituals and ceremonies and whispered my secrets on the walls and on the floor and in the dark corners which the sunshine has trouble finding.   It looks like an…Read more Sacred Spaces