got a call from Viva

I was in the middle of writing when I got a text from my Tita June Rufino, who works at Viva. She was my dad's manager back when he was still active in the industry and she's a family friend. When dad semi-retired, we haven't heard from Tita June in a while because she's extremely…Read more got a call from Viva


chopping off Hydra heads

I was haunted by a project that I just couldn't get back to and finish. I have two projects floating in the air and they have been a thorn on my side for a long while now. I started each of them with so much gusto and passion; and as time progressed, that passion dwindled.…Read more chopping off Hydra heads

it’s a wrap

And just like that, it's over. Eight days of non-stop shooting and principal photography is done. Everyone worked late hours, pushed themselves through extreme conditions, worked their asses off in the scorching summer heat to put this movie together and just like that, with three words, it ended.┬áIt's a wrap! I couldn't imagine what everybody…Read more it’s a wrap

I can’t wait for you to see this film

There is a house in Manapla, here in Negros Occidental. It is a beautiful house, an old house, and it is where we are filming Sonata. It is a beautiful, old house in the style of the Spanish colonial times. It is surrounded by a lush, verdant green. There are trees and flowers and grass…Read more I can’t wait for you to see this film