Show Some Emotion: rediscovering Joan Armatrading

Out of the blue, during lunch time earlier this week, I just started singing out loud Woncha Come On Home by Joan Armatrading. It was the weirdest thing. I love that song and I know my brother adores that song that he started singing along too. I hadn't heard the song recently. I haven't even taken…Read more Show Some Emotion: rediscovering Joan Armatrading

Ring the bells that still can ring

I've been listening to Tom Waits a lot but I've now shifted my focus on the songs of Leonard Cohen. I don't remember what caught my attention or how I suddenly went there but I did and I've rediscovered his music and his incredible, magnificent lyrics. My Dad and I fell in love with this…Read more Ring the bells that still can ring

Failing Forward by Curtismith (SoundCloud)

I'm not a fan of rap music but I met Mito Fabie while working on No Filter. He was a good friend of Lauren Young, one of her actresses in the play. He came to watch some of our rehearsals, saw several shows, and joined us in some of our cast parties. I discovered he…Read more Failing Forward by Curtismith (SoundCloud)

reinterpretation III (Defying Gravity)

I wrote an entry quite a while back called reinterpretation (The Climb), in which I discussed about how I re-appropriated the message of the Miley Cyrus song The Climb to be a song about HIV. I then followed it up again with another entry called reinterpretation II (You Haven't Seen the Last of Me), which I…Read more reinterpretation III (Defying Gravity)

You know where to find me… (Under the Ivy — Kate Bush cover by Shanna Nico)

Kate Bush is my absolute favourite singer and songwriter of all time. You ask me which of her songs are my favourite and my head will explode because I wouldn't know what song to say. But I'd definitely come back to Under the Ivy, the b-side of Running Up That Hill (Deal with God) because…Read more You know where to find me… (Under the Ivy — Kate Bush cover by Shanna Nico)


I've been bingeing on musicals lately. I went home to Bacolod and ripped a lot of my CDs of Broadway musicals and my Dad's collection as well. I got Ragtime, Secret Garden, Follies, A Chorus Line, Once on This Island, and Pacific Overtures. Someone stole my Dad's copy of Assassins, but I found it online…Read more musicals