i love romcoms

I was probably going to end up watching To All The Boys I Loved Before because, well, I love romantic comedies. I held off, though, because most of my shows are done now and I'm kind of enjoying this quiet and not having so much mental stimulation. You can watch too much content, apparently. But everyone…Read more i love romcoms


‘Never Not Love You’ is unafraid to get quiet, intense, and very real (ClickTheCity)

I think I just saw my favorite contemporary movie about love. Antoinette Jadaone's Never Not Love You is a beautiful deconstruction of the romantic movie in the way that it de-romanticizes love without taking away the sheer wonder and beauty of falling in love. What it does is that it injects a very healthy dose of…Read more ‘Never Not Love You’ is unafraid to get quiet, intense, and very real (ClickTheCity)

sleeping and dreaming

Last night was the first night of good sleep that I got in the past two months. It has been a tough two months. I think I've been saying that often here. The initial rush and momentum that pervaded my return to Manila ended abruptly in the second week of June. A guy I was…Read more sleeping and dreaming

Coming Off This Cloud

I kinda met someone two months ago. I totally misunderstood the connection that we had and thought the intensity which we pursued our friendship was something more than it really was. It's the hopeless romantic in me at work, really. I thought that the way with which we really sought out each other when we…Read more Coming Off This Cloud

What Love Sounds Like by BP Valenzuela (Manila Bulletin)

When I was working on my guest editor job for the Philippine Panorama, I asked a lot of artists to contribute and I was super happy with the selection of artists who came aboard to work with me. One of them is a Filipino songwriter and singer that I really love and adore, BP Valenzuela,…Read more What Love Sounds Like by BP Valenzuela (Manila Bulletin)