Catch T’yanak tonight and November 8 at the Cinematheque Manila

The Film Development Council of the Philippines are showing lots and lots of amazing horror films leading up to Halloween, All Soul's Day, and All Saints Day. I'm happy to announce that they are showing a film I wrote,┬áT'yanak, today at 8pm and also on November 5 (also at 8pm). I'm proud of this film.…Read more Catch T’yanak tonight and November 8 at the Cinematheque Manila


an exercise in film editing

Yesterday, I spent eight hours working with my Dad and our editor, Jonathan Lindaya, re-editing an old television movie my Dad and Lore Reyes worked on. It was aired back in 1995 and it was cut to a little less than 50 minutes, but they had an original one hour and 51 minute cut for…Read more an exercise in film editing

Tabang: After Principal Photography

Principal photography for Tabang finished last Sunday and we had a cast party the following evening. The whole crew, cast, and the many people who have helped us put this film together, and our loved ones came to celebrate a job well done. Considering the amount of work that went into the short film, three…Read more Tabang: After Principal Photography

Back to work (sort of…)

Yesterday, we had the script reading for Tabang, a short film I wrote for my Dad and Lore Reyes. It's a regional film, with an all Ilonggo cast and crew and my script was translated into Hiligaynon, our language here in Bacolod. They have begun principal photography today and then tomorrow, we shoot major scenes.…Read more Back to work (sort of…)

Sonata screening at Manila Cinematheque on January 8

Sonata, a film I wrote and directed by my Dad and Lore Reyes back in 2013, will be screening at the Manila Cinematheque on January 8. I found out from this article from Film Police Reviews. Check it out. Co-produced by the Film Development Board of the Philippines (FDCP), Sonata still manages to find a…Read more Sonata screening at Manila Cinematheque on January 8

if I may toot my own horn

So my Dad and his constant collaborator, Lore Reyes, got a special feature in High Life. It talks about their career from the beginnings of their partnership, all the way to the present day where my Dad is raging against the consistent omission of Lore Reyes' contribution to the partnership. It's a pretty interesting read,…Read more if I may toot my own horn


I've been writing professionally since I was fourteen years old. I'm very proud of that fact. I've had a deadline for a paid gig since I was in second year high school. I got the job because I'm my Dad's son. It was nepotism, I guess, but he had co-created the film Batang X with…Read more forks