I Met a Stranger in Barrio Alto (Team magazine)

Team magazine's Editor-in-Chief (and my good friend), Paolo Lorenzana, told me a few months ago that the sixth issue of Team magazine would be about travel. He wanted a travel story, a gay perspective on traveling, and if I had any story that I wanted to share, I should send him something. I had been…Read more I Met a Stranger in Barrio Alto (Team magazine)

Keeping in Touch

So, the Easter holidays is upon us and everything is at a standstill here in Manila. Nothing is moving except the revellers at the beach or wherever they escaped to during this long holiday without work. I stayed home. I thought I was going to have work but everything was moved until Saturday so I…Read more Keeping in Touch

“Am I Still Cultured?”

The other day, maybe two or three nights ago, I was struck by this overwhelming fear that I might have be too remiss with my reading and that I have, somehow, become less of what I am supposed to be. Here I am, this cultural snob with aspirations for a certain quality of high-mindedness and…Read more “Am I Still Cultured?”

A View from the Monster’s Perch

They gather here, in the afternoon with a packed sandwich and a bottle of still water, still cold from the freezer; and at night, they carry their bottles of beer, plastic cups of caipirinhas or cuba libres   And they talk, gesticulating every word and the vibrations are carried across over the Tagus River towards…Read more A View from the Monster’s Perch

beneath the London plane trees

My last few days in Lisbon and I had to go to Belem to take a photo of the Monument to the Discoveries and the pastry shop Pasteis de Belem. I then took the E15 modern tram back into the city and found myself walking up to Prinsipe Real and into the Botanical Gardens. I…Read more beneath the London plane trees

It Gets Better

I was on the passenger side of my brother's car as he was driving from Lisbon to a vineyard in Cartaxo at the Santarem region of Portugal, about forty minutes away from the capital. The music was playing on the car speakers and my sister-in-law and my nephew were at the back seat, occupied with…Read more It Gets Better

two day break from tourist shit

So I got back to Lisbon and I spent the whole day yesterday doing nothing. I was pretty much in bed the whole day and didn't do a thing. At some point, I got tired of being idle and accompanied my nephew to Jardim da Estrela where he could skate and I tried to jog…Read more two day break from tourist shit