pulling it together

I'm embarrassed at the frequency of my blog posts for this month. It's already the 14th and this is just my third entry. It can mean several things: I'm too busy that I don't have time to write; I have nothing to talk about at all, which could mean I haven't been doing anything or…Read more pulling it together


abstract (first draft)

The water running out of the faucet cannot be grasped. The air embraces you but you cannot embrace it in return. A light beam's journey can be obstructed by your hand, creating shadows but you cannot take it with you.   Sitting on the floor, legs crossed over each other, and my hand on my phone taking…Read more abstract (first draft)

beneath the London plane trees

My last few days in Lisbon and I had to go to Belem to take a photo of the Monument to the Discoveries and the pastry shop Pasteis de Belem. I then took the E15 modern tram back into the city and found myself walking up to Prinsipe Real and into the Botanical Gardens. I…Read more beneath the London plane trees