I hate my body

It's been on my mind a lot lately. I really don't like my body. I've been a thin guy since my first treatment for meningitis in 2008. All that medicine and not eating and vomiting on a daily basis sort of destroyed any musculature I may have maintained from my physically active days back in…Read more I hate my body


I’ve been verified (Manila Bulletin)

Guess who got published today? I wrote this piece last year after, on a whim, I decided to get myself verified on Twitter. It was a relatively simple procedure, surprisingly, but I had a lot of existential questions that came along with the whole exercise. These are my thoughts on the matter. It feels really…Read more I’ve been verified (Manila Bulletin)

My articles for Manila Bulletin (so far)

So, some of my work have been coming out in the Manila Bulletin recently and it's great to be writing for a newspaper again because it really does have a larger reach and the there's a larger system at place that fact checks, copy edits, and I feel better about being given more concrete direction.…Read more My articles for Manila Bulletin (so far)

my first article for the Manila Bulletin: App Attack

I started writing for the dailies when my friend Tals asked me to come and join the team of Super back in 2007 when Tim Yap moved to the Philippine Star and started Supreme and brought a whole bunch of Super writers with him. The few regular writers and columnists of Super kept the section…Read more my first article for the Manila Bulletin: App Attack