grad school

I really want to pursue my grad school plans. I've become more and more invested in my teaching career and I know now that I can do this as my regular job and still write for the film industry. If I have a Masters degree, I'd probably get promoted to a higher teaching position, which…Read more grad school


IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)

I was inviting to join the International Playwright's Forum (IPF) workshop on Dramaturgy with Ursula Werdenberg (of Switzerland) and Yena Gim (of Korea) that was held over the weekend here in Bacolod. I was quite excited to go because I did Dramaturgy work last year for No Filter and I had a basic idea about…Read more IPF Dramaturgy Workshop (Bacolod City)

the waiting game

In the last month, I've submitted my poems for publication to three different organisations or groups. I was asked to submit, for consideration, my writing for an annual zine. I also saw a call for submissions for fictionists and poets who have not yet published their own solo book for an anthology. I also submitted…Read more the waiting game

ghosts of love’s past

So, for some reason or another, my laptop couldn't connect to my home wifi network and I was shut out for a couple of days. At least it kept me from whining and complaining online but I would have liked to have attempted to write some poetry drafts, at least. But the days have been…Read more ghosts of love’s past

TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield

I said before that I should force myself to watch more TED talks because, well, all the TED talks I've seen has really opened my mind and made me better at all the things that I've done. It has given me a bigger perspective in many things and the experience of watching these videos and…Read more TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield

what scared me this Halloween

Every month, I receive an e-mail from the DOH that charts the number of new HIV infections in the country per month. It's about three to four pages of information and you can find it here, actually. It's public information. Yesterday, on the first, just in time, I received the registry for September and the…Read more what scared me this Halloween