‘A Star is Born:’ A Cautionary Rock and Roll Fairy Tale (ClickTheCity)

I liked it a lot. I wanted to loveĀ A Star is Born but I didn't feel as ruined as I wanted to be at the film's end. I felt so cold and detached and it has nothing to do with the superb acting displayed here by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, nor Bradley Cooper's sharp…Read more ‘A Star is Born:’ A Cautionary Rock and Roll Fairy Tale (ClickTheCity)

Perfect Illusion (Lady Gaga)

I have been a fan of Lady Gaga since the release of Just Dance so many years ago. She was different and her music was tight, to borrow the contemporary parlance, I'd say her music was lit. She followed her debut album with Fame Monster and I was sure that I was going to like…Read more Perfect Illusion (Lady Gaga)

David Bowie tribute

I woke up and saw my friends live tweeting the Grammy awards. I've stopped taking the Grammy awards seriously the moment they nominated the Backstreet Boy's song I Want You That Way for Best Song. Of all the magnificent songs that are put out every year, how could a song that doesn't really mean anything…Read more David Bowie tribute

The Born This Way Ball — Manila, 2012

I originally planned to write a sort of review of my experience of Lady GaGa's Born This Way Ball in Manila, the second of two concerts, in an earlier post but I ended up writing about the protesters and defending Lady GaGa. I really wanted to talk about my experience at The Born This Way…Read more The Born This Way Ball — Manila, 2012

Going gaga over Lady GaGa

I really would love to begin this post by asking how any artist who communicates love and acceptance of all people regardless of who they are to be in any way immoral or satanic? How does an artist who tells people to be who they are, to not justify themselves to the harsh world and…Read more Going gaga over Lady GaGa