Lorde is giving me serious Kate Bush feels

When Lorde released Green Light, I lost my shit. Every bit of that song spoke to me directly. I love the movements within the song. I love how she sings it. When I found out what the song was about, I felt that she was speaking directly to me. I bought the single off of…Read more Lorde is giving me serious Kate Bush feels


Human Behavior (Bjork cover by Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

If you ever get close to a human and human behaviour be ready, be ready to get confused --¬†Human¬†Behavior by Bjork Right now, it's like all the dark energies and disappointments and savagery of this whole year has collected as it pushes closer to the year's end. I wonder what it is going to be…Read more Human Behavior (Bjork cover by Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

Things I’ve Always Wanted: a Kate Bush live album

Over the years, I've discovered that my eclectic musical tastes have always veered primarily to women artists (with the exception of David Bowie, and only lately, Tom Waits). I love my music intense and dramatic and something I can sing along to. And each time I fall in love with a song, I immediately wait…Read more Things I’ve Always Wanted: a Kate Bush live album

today’s playlist (July 4, 2016)

It has been cold these past few days. I've been wearing pajamas when I sleep and I get under the blanket now. I've lowered the electric fan setting from four to two. Sometimes, it is raining and a cool wind enters my room. I hug my pillows a little tighter. So I don't know why…Read more today’s playlist (July 4, 2016)

“It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

I was watching the first season of Peaky Blinders over the weekend with my Dad and at the end of the fifth episode, a powerful scene was punctuated by a very familiar song that I could actually sing along to and my Dad wasn't aware of it (or didn't remember it) and he asked me,…Read more “It’s Tom Waits. I’m sure of it.”

my CD collection

Being home again in Bacolod means I have access to my CD collection -- probably the only thing I've ever collected and it ranges from the first CD I've ever bought (the Reality Bites soundtrack back in the early 90s) all the way to 2006 or 2007 when I was still buying CDs but slowly…Read more my CD collection

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My reading habits have gone from bad to worse and I'm very much ashamed. I didn't get into the habit of reading until much, much later in life. I used to collect comic books as a kid but only really looked through the pictures and only read enough to get the story. I used to…Read more read more