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My reading habits have gone from bad to worse and I'm very much ashamed. I didn't get into the habit of reading until much, much later in life. I used to collect comic books as a kid but only really looked through the pictures and only read enough to get the story. I used to…Read more read more

when did I have time for all of this?

Since, I don't exactly remember when, I have been writing my poems straight unto my site. I don't write it down on a TextEdit file anymore and go directly unto the website. In the past few years, I've been writing in my head and letting things/thoughts ruminate in my head and when I feel like…Read more when did I have time for all of this?

Patti Smith: Advice to the Young

Patti Smith has been a personal hero of mine since I read Just Kids back in 2010 (or was that 2011?). Before then, I just knew her as a rock singer of the seventies and that she wrote Because the Night. Other than that, I knew nothing. Then I read Just Kids and I was absolutely floored. I felt like…Read more Patti Smith: Advice to the Young