for a change

Every time I'm in Bacolod, I always end up picking up one of my old journals and reading through them and getting pissed off and frustrated at how stupid and idiotic I was as a young adult. I was over-emotional, always over-reacting, and I was throwing myself head first into futile situations. Maybe it's the…Read more for a change


Building the Collection

Just the other day, I got an e-mail from one of the journals┬áthat I sent poems to for publication. They told me they are going to publish my work (both poems) and I'm overjoyed about it. These poems are two of my strongest Instagram poems but they have been edited and refined. I fixed the…Read more Building the Collection

Losing My Mind

Coming home, I was excited to show my brother the Candide concert with Paul Groves and Kristin Chenoweth and he was equally excited to show me the 80th Birthday Concert for Stephen Sondheim. Back-to-back, it was an amazing night of gorgeous music and terrific performances. But more importantly, it was that evening that I was…Read more Losing My Mind