If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan)

I saw a note I had written in my phone and it said "Karen Souza -- Never Tear Us Apart" and I was wondering why I wrote that down. I knew it was a song so I went on Spotify and checked it out and it was a pretty damn good jazz version of the…Read more If You Could Read My Mind (Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan)


Music and Drama at The Ruins

I saw the poster on Facebook and I was so excited because I have seen Sheila Valderrama-Martinez on stage several times already and I know she's absolutely amazing. She made me cry when I saw her in Dani Girl two years ago and having her do a concert here in Bacolod just made me feel…Read more Music and Drama at The Ruins

dance, dance, dance

Summer means that all the summer workshops in the various disciplines will be available starting next week after the Easter holidays. I've had my eyes set on Daloy Dance School for the past two months since they moved locations and took a pause in teaching dance classes from February and March. On April 6, they…Read more dance, dance, dance

This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

So I should be at the beach and this entry is being written right before I leave the house to meet up with my cousin and my uncle and aunt to ride with them to our little mid-week getaway. I just came from judging a poetry slam at Sev's Cafe in Roxas Boulevard. I heard…Read more This Is How I Hope To Feel Right Now

So I Think I Can Dance

I finally did it. I took a dance class. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because, well, I was dancing and couldn't take any. It was a spontaneous decision, really. It was a Friday afternoon and Raymond, my editor at YoungStar told all the contributors what he had planned for the next issue of YoungStar…Read more So I Think I Can Dance

I wish I could dance

The amazing thing about my job is that since I write about a wide range of topics, I get to meet the most interesting people, doing the most interesting things. If the interview and the article goes well, I've managed to establish a contact in some field far outside my own. My network is rather…Read more I wish I could dance