working on craft

I'm thinking of taking a serious pause on writing poetry for awhile. I feel my style of poetry has become predictable and too structured. Except for a few poems of mine, most of my work no longer surprises me and while I feel that I may have found my distinct voice, I feel my style…Read more working on craft

“Am I Still Cultured?”

The other day, maybe two or three nights ago, I was struck by this overwhelming fear that I might have be too remiss with my reading and that I have, somehow, become less of what I am supposed to be. Here I am, this cultural snob with aspirations for a certain quality of high-mindedness and…Read more “Am I Still Cultured?”

stringing words together

I've been using Twitter as a means for exercising my poetry muscles. I got very interested in the haiku and the western haiku and even read Jane Hirshfield's The Heart of Haiku to properly study the form and found that Twitter's character limit was a great way of forcing my poetry into a frame. It…Read more stringing words together

TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield

I said before that I should force myself to watch more TED talks because, well, all the TED talks I've seen has really opened my mind and made me better at all the things that I've done. It has given me a bigger perspective in many things and the experience of watching these videos and…Read more TED Talks: The Art of Metaphors by Jane Hirshfield